National Intelligence Bureau
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About National Intelligence Bureau

Over the past several years, India has been the victim of crime and corruption.A large number of such incidents are found to have complex inter-State and national linkages, and possible connection with other activities like Child Abuse,Domestic Violence,sexual Abuse,Bonded Labour,Child Labour,pushing in and circulation of fake Indian currency, infiltration from across the borders, etc. keeping all these in view, it was felt that there was a need for setting up of an organization which will be working across the country.

National Intelligence Bureau operate independently and playing an important role in the service of our country and makes a Corruption and Crime care free society.

We have take urgent step and investigation for Corruption, Crime, Fake currency, Narcotic, drugs Wild life protection , Objective animals, Antics, Corruption, Illegal stamp/post, weapons, Human right protection, Bonded labor, Child labor, Women protection and other all type of illegal works.

The network of NIB is spread over the length and breadth of the country. NIB is also working as a support group for the organizations and movements committed for the promotion of Justice and Equity in India.